This Is How The Magic Happens.

Learn about the unique method that underpins our ability to help business leaders experience career success.


Career Meditation.

The first step of your branding journey is the Arielle Executive Career Meditation. Available exclusively to our clients, this tool will help you get present to the true breadth and depth of your achievements and kick-start the process of helping you communicate your value. Information gleaned during the Career Meditation will be used by our team to inform the strategic direction of your brand.


Strategic Gap Analysis.

The Arielle Executive team conducts an in-depth study of your career history and contrasts this with your intended career direction. This enables us to determine what further information we need from you to build highly effective marketing materials that will help you excel during job search.


Brand Discovery Consultation.

During this 60 to 90-minute deep-dive call, we’ll explore your personality, strengths, values, drivers and work philosophy. We'll also comb through challenges you've faced and overcame, as well as your strategic priorities, achievements and industry dynamics that shaped your decisions along the way. This information will be used in the next stage to build a compelling career narrative that clearly communicates your value to employers with sophistication and impact.


Brand Development.

Fusing your career goals with your work history, personality, and our subject matter expertise, we use our proprietary ExecutiveExcellence™ branding technology to weave a compelling brand story that captures your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), connects with the pain points of your target market and positions you for success by showcasing that you're able to solve problems or create opportunity in a way that no-one else can.


Delivery & Optimization.

You can expect to receive the first draft of your strategic marketing documents within 7 business days of your Brand Discovery Consultation. They will arrive via email, in .docx format. You're encouraged to provide feedback; we'll incorporate it to further sharpen and optimise your documents. Two rounds of refinements, across a period of up to 10 business days, are included. (NOTE: while we provide you with all material for your new LinkedIn profile, we do not upload the content for you, as it's a violation of LinkedIn's policies to grant a third party access to your account - and may result in the suspension of your LinkedIn profile).


Job Search Skills Upgrade.

Once you're happy with your new brand, we equip you with the insider knowledge for effectively approaching the market, as well as the skills you need for effectively communicating your value proposition. During your 30-minute Elevator Pitch and Job Search Strategy Coaching Session you will learn the right strategies for approaching recruiters and the proper job search protocols for today's market while practicing to communicate your value with impact (and without feeling that you're bragging).


You Go To Market.

Now that your brand positions you as the candidate of choice, you can go to market with the knowledge that you're putting your best foot forward and are showcasing your true value to recruiters and hiring managers.


You Land A New Role.

You out-communicate, out-compete and out-market other candidates to land your next senior leadership gig. You're excited about the new challenge and the opportunity to drive change, build your new team and deliver results for the organization.


We Feel Warm And Fuzzy.

Building highly effective, outstanding brands for senior talent is the reason we go to work. When we receive news of your success we take a moment to celebrate the fact that our work has made a difference to yet another world-class business leader.

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